Smarter Processes

We understand that creating solutions for industry’s toughest challenges not only requires current wisdom to be harnessed, but also to invest in smarter future ready technologies and processes.

Our processes are creating enduring value for our customers and are driving advancements in the domain of protection. This approach is helping us address customer needs more efficiently and effectively.

Driven by in depth understanding and domain expertise, we are contributing to the global pharmaceutical industry to play a pivotal role in improving countless lives

We Hear You

Your vision is at the centre of our process roadmap. With proactive dialogue and exchange of ideas we identify critical factors for performance and analyses your requirements.

We Plan + Design

Our team of hand picked experts plan and design your project with highest attention to detail. We propose smart turnkey solutions that are reliable, cost-effective and in compliance of prevalent regulatory requirements.

We Partner Throughout the Project Life Cycle

Our advanced manufacturing processes involve the industry’s best in class techniques and knowledge accrued over the years.

We implement quality assurance systems for consistent manufacturing and a thorough check across our automation process to ensure complete cleanability and sterilisation of systems.

We partner with you for qualifying and validating systems to ensure a quick qualification for your plant to start up.

We work closely with you through the entire lifecycle including training and after sales support.

To offer these life saving equipments, we not only follow all standards but also do them with complete honesty and integrity. This can be seen through our long-standing relations with the world’s best and biggest pharmaceutical industries.

We are your Product Custodians

Your satisfaction and trust are our performance parameters.

At DDE, we don’t just design a project, we ensure highest quality and consistency to deliver smarter solutions for enduring value.