Smarter Solutions

Changing nature of products and product mix has given rise to limited production runs, and has fundamentally shifted the manufacturing requirements.

The industry continues to focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of production. This has resulted in pharmaceutical companies employing advanced technologies and processes.

Our focus on innovation in manufacturing and automation technology is helping drive improved economics, flexibility and quality for bio-pharma, vaccines and sterile formulations industries. We are continuously improving our manufacturing processes to provide improved scalability and time to market while lowering overall costs.

Bio-pharma and vaccine industries require large investment in time and capital to effectively translate scientific discovery into novel and affordable therapies.

With decades of experience, DDE has become a strategic driver in providing scalable and flexible bioprocess solutions of high quality.

Smarter Systems:

  • Fermentors
  • Upstream bioprocess vessels for media preparation, feed hold, harvest hold, clarification hold vessels
  • Downstream processing for buffer preparation, filtration hold
  • Vaccine blending vessels
  • Integrated suites
  • Virus inactivation systems
  • Biokill / Decontamination systems
  • CIP systems – Mobile / Centralised
  • SIP systems – Integrated / Standalone
  • Filtration skids
  • Temperature control units (TCUs)

Emergence of new diseases is constantly pushing bio-pharma and vaccine industries to innovate novel therapies and drugs. DDE provides sophisticated and smarter ecosystems to help overcome these challenges.

Sterile formulations manufacturers are looking for strong and effective solutions to compound a wide variety of formulations, which include products administered by injection (IV, IM, SQ, ID, Intrathecal, Epidural) or via inhalation, intranasal or ophthalmic routes.

We have decades of experience in developing innovative technologies and smarter solutions for challenging pyrogen free and sterile formulations.

Smarter Systems:

  • Manufacturing / Compounding vessels
  • Holding / Filtration vessels
  • Filtration skids
  • CIP systems
  • SIP systems
  • Neutralisation systems / Inactivation systems
  • Integrated suite
  • Wfi coolers
  • Temperature control units (TCUs)

Sterile formulations compounded in our systems including suspensions and emulsions are delivered to end users in a variety of dosage forms including Vial, Ampoule, PFS, Pen, BFS.